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September 2017
"Rachel stopped by this weekend and gave us a few new rules (and reminders) of what to do with our three senior dogs to help them be the best dogs they can be and reduce the stress / chaos that we've been living with.
We have used Rachel off and on throughout our three dogs lives and she has always been extremely helpful - and we've always had immediate results.
Whether it was helping our young dogs behave and have manners or providing tools to help us teach our toddler how to interact safely with dogs she's been great.
Now that our dogs are older and a bit more anxiety prone with two little kids running around she again was a huge help.
I would recommend Rachel in heartbeat. She's knowledgable and truly cares about the families she works with."
-Jessica, Niskayuna

September 2017
"Rachel really helped me with my new puppy. Our puppy had intense anxiety, pulled when walked and barked incessantly at a family member. I felt horrible because I was beginning to really not enjoy being around our new pet. Our puppy now walks beautifully on a harness, is much calmer when in her crate and much more relaxed when visitors come to the house. I look forward to spending time with my pet and can't wait to take her for walks everyday!"
-Sarah, Voorheesville

January, 2017
"In the initial session of approximately 1 1/2 hours: a.Rachel educated us on the underlying causes of our dogs unwanted behavior (aggressive greeting of guests to our home, fighting to be first out the door, excessive barking and ignoring our calls to come); and b.worked with us and our dogs leaving us with clear direction and tools to address the issues. I personally have had success beyond expectation with the tools she provided my husband and I to direct the desired behavior of our Miniature Schnauzer adolescent dog and Yorkshire Terrier puppy. We and our dogs are appreciative for her attention. I recommend her services without reserve!"
-Deborah, Schenectady

July, 2016
"Rachel is amazing! I couldn't believe how quickly my dogs responded to her training. With her coaching, I was able to enforce the training and rules in my home so that my pups responded and listened to my commands. Now our dogs are calm and listen when the doorbell rings, and wait for guests to arrive rather than charging and barking at the door. She also showed me how to loose leash walk my two dogs, which makes our long walks a lot less chaotic. So happy we were able to work with her!"
-Megan, Saratoga Springs

June 2016
"We had recently rescued a dog and wanted to stop him from jumping and barking on guests as they approached our house. He had learned commands quickly like sit and down so I felt confident that with the right training, we would be able to correct his behavior. I was not expecting that within an hour of Rachel's first visit, that he would already have learned not to jump on the couch or to bark as other dogs went past our house. He's already a different, better behaved dog and it hasn't even been 24 hours yet. I'm really excited to continue with the training and bring out the best in our newest family member."
-Holly, Ballston Spa

April 2016
"Our dogs needed some extra training and some help with walking on a leash. Rachel taught us why our dogs did certain things and how to help with those things and more! She really knows what she is doing and teaches all these things just through treats!! I highly recommend her if you are having any types of trouble with your dog. She can surely help!"
-Demitria, Scotia

March 2016
"We have three dogs and recently found ourselves looking for a dog trainer for many reasons. One of our dogs has become aggressive, one has major anxiety and the other needs some minimal training. I found Rachel online and filled out the form to receive more information. She promptly called me back the next day (as I had filled the form out later the night before). I was unable to answer and we played phone tag a few times but she never gave up trying to contact me. We finally spoke tonight for about 30 minutes regarding our dogs. She gave us some great information and made us feel at ease with the situation. She also made us feel like it's not impossible to change them! I loved the time she spent getting to know us and listen to us over the phone. We didn't even talk about how much it was until the very end and at that point she had sold us by everything she said! (We probably would have paid any amount she quoted us because she seems so worth it!) we felt like she understood us and explain things to us that made some much sense about each dog. We are lucky that she had a cancellation in two days to come work with us. So I am writing this review a bit prematurely, however I was so impressed with her during our phone call I felt she deserved this review already! I will also review after she has helped us with our fur babies! I highly recommend you speak with Rachel even if you are unsure of whether to pursue training your dogs!"
-Heather, Ballston Lake

July 22 2015
“We strongly and enthusiastically recommend Rachel Baum. We have had rescue dogs and have concluded that we would just have to live with their issues and problems. We had consulted a dog trainer 15 years ago who took a dominant, physically overpowering approach--the dog was terrified and was a fear biter thereafter. A few years later we tried a local dog behaviorist who took a kinder, gentler approach but that involved merely distracting our biting dog by throwing pieces of hot dog while our guest snuck out of the house. We concluded we would have to live with any issues our dogs had. When our latest rescue started to nip people, we decided to give Rachel a try before making him a dog that would have to be in a crate when people visited. Unbelievable--one two hour session later, the transformation was amazing. Rachel is a true dog behaviorist--she understands why dogs do what they do and, most importantly, how to change that behavior. She is firm but extremely kind and it is clear she loves the dogs and only wants them to become the happy, healthy and balanced pets they need to be to become true members of the family. The first two hour session saw absolutely amazing progress and it is now up to us to consistently enforce the specific tips and rules that she has given us. I could not recommend her more highly and will always use her for any future pets and any future problems."
-Susan K., Glenmont, New York

February 24 2015
“Rachel met with us back in November when we first got our dog - at 13 months old. She came in and was immediately like a dog whisperer. She made it look so easy and taught us patiently how to do all that she was doing. We practiced with her there and she gave us homework to do. She wrote to us to see how our dog was doing and answered questions by email that we had for her. Because we were having major work done on our house over the following few months, Meeko's training dwindled. I called Rachel when the work on the house was finally done and told her that we needed her to come back. She came back last week and went over everything again showing us exactly when to do and how to respond to different situations that arise. We have been working with Meeko as Rachel suggested and she is doing MUCH better. There was no charge for this return visit. Rachel gave us confidence and also let us know that she is always just a call or an email away. Because it has been so cold, walks have become limited so Rachel suggested that she come back again in April and practice outdoor walking with her there. In just a few days, Meeko will wait by the door to go out and not try to leave until we say OK. She will sit and stay when the doorbell rings - although we need to keep training her to nolt jump up when we let people in the house. That said the difference is amazing. Rachel is a wonderful trainer. She is kind and warm and understanding. And she LOVES dogs! I would recommend Rachel Baum to anyone who wants to have their dogs behavior improved - she's absolutely GREAT!"
-Wendy K., Albany, New York

November 30 2014
“Rachel was fantastic! She helped us deal with a chewing issue that was Separation Anxiety, and after following her rules and instructions it has become much better! The destructive chewing has stopped, and she is in general much more calm when visitors stop by the house, etc. We are still working on leash walking and some other things, but that will just be time and practice. But during her two visits, Rachel definitely gave us what we need to succeed."
-Mark L., Troy, New York

November 19 2014
“Rachel met Morgan and within minutes she was listening and responding to commands. I sat there in total awe. I was apprehensive going into the appointment, however, after two hours working with my crazy puppy I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. It will take work every day on my part but I am hopeful that after theses next few months Morgan will be a respectable dog that doesn't jump, bite and bark like crazy!! Thank you Rachel doing what you do!"
-Michele F., Guilderland, New York

July 13 2012
“Rachel was amazing with our dogs. We are looking forward to training them. Life is already so much better! If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe how quickly training helped."
-Cynthia K., Delmar, New York

August 15 2012
"Rachel Baum dealt with: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Digging Other Very well explained. Leila calmed down a lot since Rachel was here. She is a very fun trainer. Very enjoyable and fun."
-Erinn O.,Schenectady, New York

August 3 2012
"After about a year, I am finally taking the risk and tempting fate to say "thank you" for helping me work with my 3 little Norfolks - Maddie, Ginger, and Cindy. Since working with you, there have been no further incidents among them. I have yet to master taking them out on a walk together, but individually, Ginger and Cindy are so much improved (Maddie still needs work) and the doorbell situation is also very much improved. Thank you for removing much of my fear and giving me the tools to make living with them so much easier - I think I have changed as much as they. You are my hero and I recommend your services without reservation to anyone having a training problem."
-Marsha, Albany

April 18 2012
"For Callie to not run to the doorbell is beyond amazing. I was very worried at the beginning but had a smile on my face at the conclusion."
-Helen, Delanson

February 26 2012
"I've never seen my dogs behave so well after only 2 hours with Rachel. From the moment Rachel arrived I knew she was the right trainer. She taught me so much in 2 hours!"
-Rebecca, Clifton Park

February 22 2012
"Prefer natural training over treats - our dog is food obsessed! Great to have the trainer come to the home - less distracting and can see the dog's "bad" behaviors first-hand. It felt good to learn techniques to take command of my household."
-Brigit, Slingerlands

February 22 2012
"I was very nervous - this was our last attempt to be able to keep our dogs. She made it very simple and basic knowing how nervous I was. I was amazed to see a difference so soon. It was surprising to see how they react to just the tone of your voice. We were really at our last straw with these dogs and as part of our family the thought of losing them was horrible. If it can work for us it can work for anyone. You have to give these animals a chance."
-Andrea, Ballston Spa

December 19 2011
"Explanations were specific and clear. Instantly relieved with how quickly Flo responded. Techniques actually helped us to feel more calm rather than stressed and frustrated. Time spent together passed quickly - Rachel's responses to questions made us feel she wanted to help us. The experience so far has been amazing."
-Debra, Glenville

December 6 2011
"The training techniques make complete sense. By the end of the day our dog was very responsive to these techniques."
-Jeffrey, Niskayuna

December 6 2011
"My dog was much more attentive to me by the end of the session. The techniques used are done in "dogspeak." Rachel presented everything clearly and with just enough repetition. It was fun to learn the exercises. Some results were immediate, and I know that with practice, the techniques will help my dog's separation anxiety."
-Barbara, Delmar

December 6 2011
"It was remarkable to see the changes in our dog's problem behaviors and learning easy techniques to work on. I appreciated very much that Rachel provided modifications to the exercises because I am 8 months pregnant. Rachel did a nice job listening to all of our concerns about Liberty's problem behaviors before beginning."
-Rose, Niskayuna

September 30 2011
"We were very impressed with how our dog was able to learn to sit and stay when someone came to the door. We thought that was hopeless, but were were wrong!"
-Laura, Loudonville

September 30 2011
"Laid out so it was very easy to follow and understand and able to give examples as to why various corrections and techniques work. Did well on our outside walk with Rachel coaching when nearing fenced dogs or tied out ones. Rusty is a rescue that is still fear aggressive and we had tried another trainer that used prong collars and force to make him obey and just after one session, I knew that was not what we wanted and it set us back on the trust we had established with Rusty. Very interesting learning the natural way dogs communicate and we all found Rachel a joy! Very caring person! Just by reading testimonials on Rachel Baum I knew she was the right fit and trainer for our situation."
-Karen, Gloversville

September 30 2011
"Presentation was good and made sense. Easy to learn and very realistic behaviors to work on. It was fun and a great learning experience. Rachel was professional, friendly and great with our dog. I would highly recommend her. Rachel was an excellent trainer and we really enjoyed her techniques."
-Jennifer, Albany

July 12 2011
"Excellent! Good explanation of and demonstration of techniques."
-Lynn, Delmar

July 11 2011
"The dog actually seemed to enjoy being directed on his actions. Rachel was very professional, on time, and very helpful."
-Dorothy, Hudson

July 11 2011
"Very well informed - interesting and helpful to our family and Bailey. Thanks!!"
-Jessica Krass, Ballston Lake

July 11 2011
"Excellent! Our dog took very well to training. Positive reinforcement! Rachel understood how we felt and made us feel comfortable, knowing there is a lot of work ahead. Our dog is big and loveable just needs some guidance and we felt this training session was positive."
-Jill, Niverville

June 16 2011
"Beautiful presentation - really listened and took the time to understand our concern and situation. Thank you for such clear directions. The explanation was delivered in a way that was easy to understand. I never realized how my decisions and actions affected my dog in a negative way. Rachel was wonderful, very professional and made us all very comfortable right away. I wish I did this sooner! I am looking forward to practicing with my dog and getting more education and help on our next visit."
-Alecia, Albany

June 14 2011
"She was great providing visual learning clear and concise steps to follow and a recap throughout to summarize. Izzie was listening and receptive to training/trainer and now to me. Its working great so far! The barking has gotten so much better and now I can sleep past 5:00 a.m.! I was very impressed with how it went. Rachel was a great trainer - very calm, patient, and knowledgeable. I already gave out 2 business cards and would definitely share with others."
-Stacy, Clifton Park

May 24 2011
"I have petsitting clients that have used Rachel Baum and are very satisfied with the results. I would use Rachel for my own dogs !"
-Pets at Ease Petsitting (Meg Roberts), Albany

April 11 2011
"I am amazed at the difference in Henry after one session. I can't thank you enough!"
-Karen, Selkirk

April 4 2011
"Rachel was very patient in explaining techniques. I was amazed to see my 3 year old Lab finally walk with a loose leash. I have wanted to have my dog walk without a prong collar. The voice command Rachel taught me worked. I have already recommended Rachel - my trainer put me at ease when I was anxious about this new experience!"
-Lorie, Averill Park

April 4 2011
"Very easy to understand. My dog's response to doorbell ringing has turned around 100%!"
-Jeannie, Wilton

April 4 2011
"Rachel did an excellent job with training techniques and visual displays. Casey responded very well to certain commands by the end of the session. We saw results immediately. Should have used Rachel a long time ago."
-Jane, Delmar

January 18 2011
"Everything flowed well from beginning to end. Peanut went from nervous to relaxed and happy by the end of the visit. Other trainers wanted me to pin my 5 lb Chihuahua when he was aggressive! This technique works 1000 times better and isn't mean or invasive. We learned a ton of useful information. Many of our neighbors' pets could use it! It's a wonderful feeling, like everyone is a family with set rules-my dogs are so much more calm knowing that we make and enforce the rules, not them. Thank you!"
-Amanda H., Watervliet

January 14 2011
"I was really impressed with Rachel's techniques, and was amazed at the difference in just one lesson."
-Mona G., Latham

December 1 2010
"The training techniques were very straightforward and weren't confusing to me or my dog. My dog seemed to be catching on quickly to the techniques."
Charleen K., Selkirk

December 1 2010
"Sketch was doing most of the commands Rachel showed us almost immediately. What a difference, even on the 1st day. We agreed so much with her techniques and were very comfortable following through with them. We were very relaxed with Rachel, she put us at ease and was great. We are so glad we found Rachel, she was an answer to a prayer."
-Denise D., Troy

December 1 2010
"Rachel explained the techniques thoroughly and she was positive/upbeat. Made us feel we could really do this. My dog responded well and was taught to be quiet/sit/stay when door bell rang. Awesome! Very interesting and it all made sense! Rachel was great! Loved having the handouts to refer to."
-Jeanne S., Glenmont

December 1 2010
"Rachel did a fantastic job. I noticed a difference in my dogs within the next day."
-Ed B., Albany

December 1 2010
"She demonstrated, showed us, and then had us do it individually. She came back as a surprise visitor and our dog sat and stayed while we opened the door. We had tried another place for training-six sessions and Max barely learned. Rachel helped us with Max and his walking. Rachel treated us as if we knew as much as she did. She didn't move on until she thought we were ready. Much better than other places we've tried. He was quiet the entire night! Rachel was a great trainer for Max! She got down on Max's and our levels to help."
-Jessica F., Clifton Park

November 12 2010
"Rachel was wonderful and understood our needs and our dog's needs for training purposes. We were very happy with the non-violent methods. It gave us a lot of insight into our training issues and showed us a fun way to train Maverick. We have already given Rachael's card to friends."
-Lisa D., Watervliet

July 13 2010
"Dogs reacted well to Rachel's commands after very little repetition-need to practice lots at home-I'm excited!"
-Lisa, Clifton Park

July 13 2010
"I am so glad that there are no treats, chokers or other techniques used that would be harmful. I feel a little silly, but once I saw how quickly Trip responded, I learned to get over it. I was impressed that Rachel not only knew so much about training but was also helpful with teaching me about my dog's specific breed."
-Melissa, Troy

October 28 2009
"Rachel did a great job making it understandable for my kids. We noticed improvement within days and it has continued as we work with Gracie."
-Melodee Kopa, DVM, Galway

October 28 2009
"Billi has shown marked improvement with just one lesson."
-Meryl Ruckherstuhl, Slingerlands

October 28 2009
"The techniques were very useful and easy to learn."
-Johnna, Glenville

October 28 2009
"It was as if we had a different dog at the end of the session! Rachel was thorough, professional, and personable. Not only was Rachel incredibly organized and thoughtful, she provided a DVD for my children to watch about how to act with dogs. She made us feel comfortable and encouraged!"
-Ann, Delmar

October 28 2009
"She was very patient and repeated techniques for maximum comprehension by me and my husband both. What was even better for us was also having the tools like the checklist with the trainers detailed notes to help track and remind us of our rules and corrective actions. She responded nearly instantly and it corrected previously uncontrollable behavior without physical correction. Gave you the confidence to positively affect your dog's behavior. We would recommend without hesitation."
-Theresa, Brunswick

October 28 2009
"Rachel Baum was excellent - very knowledgeable and great with my dogs. Would highly recommend!"
-Michelle, Slingerlands

October 28 2009
"Rachel was excellent. She answered all of my questions thoroughly! I enjoyed working with her."
-Kimberly, Cohoes

October 28 2009
"She is very easy to understand and was very thorough. It was amazing to see Lyle respond the second she came into our home. Fascinating! The best training session we ever had with any of our dogs. Rachel is wonderful! She has given us the training to help Lyle become a good dog."
-Joan, Amsterdam

October 28 2009
"Rufus is listening more. He is a stubborn pup but the techniques given are progressing. Rachel was great, very helpful."
-Nicole, Watervliet

October 28 2009
"At first, we saw some results; 2 days later we noticed a tremendous difference. We have already recommended Rachel to others."
-Stephen, Colonie

October 28 2009
"At the end of the session, she reviewed the techniques again and wrote down the steps. Our biggest concern was the way Bear "attacked" the door when the bell rang. By the end of the session, he was sitting in his designated area waiting permission to approach. I took Bear to obedience over the winter where you rewarded behaviors with treats. Eventually, he got bored and full. I like the way he needs to respond to our voice and body language and gets rewarded with praise. Just amazing how he responds. I would definitely recommend Rachel to others."
-Penny, Guilderland

August 6 2009
"Are you sure you didn't take my old Dali and bring me a new one? We just got back from a walk around the soccer fields, kids everywhere and she didn't even glance at them. I couldn't believe her. Saw one dog across the street, didn't pay any attention to it. A jogger came up behind us, didn't know he was there, scared both of us but she looked at me to see what I was going to do. It was a GREAT walk. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like a new woman with a new dog."
-Shirley, Clifton Park

May 25 2009
"Would strongly recommend Rachel Baum to anyone having "issues" with their dog. We have an extremely aggressive dog with a child in the house. Rachel was very honest with us about all of our concerns. I really appreciated that. She was very professional and knowledgeable."
-Ann, Ballston Spa

May 25 2009
"She is an amazing teacher - a natural. Rachel is very patient and thorough. Riggs has a long way to go, but that is because of his super dominating personality. Rachel helped us to make a huge difference in communicating with him and I believe with a few weeks he will be a lot better. It was tiring for both Riggs and myself, but the results were very enjoyable to see. I already asked Rachel for a stack of her cards for me to hand out!! It has only been a day, but I have seen an 85% improvement on Riggs' listening/obeying."
-Rebecca, Albany

February 26 2009
"Rachel Baum was terrific. She understood our training problems and our dogs. She was extremely helpful."
-Kenneth, Latham

February 26 2009
"Rachel is very nice and made sure to be personable about all my pets. I would recommend Rachel 110%."
Kari, Rensselaer

February 26 2009
"Rachel made it fun, and we had some good laughs for all the mistakes we humans make with our dogs. Corkey was calm, sat down, did not jump on us, did not bark. Rachel is an excellent trainer. Natural training has opened our eyes to new ways for our lab mix and they are very simple to get results. Rachel made the training experience fun and enjoyable for all of us. She included our daughter who is handicapped. Your training program is excellent. We all have learned so much from Rachel. Practice makes perfect! Rachel Baum is a terrific trainer! She had our dog under control in a 1/2 hour."
Christine, Scotia

February 26 2009
"She was very clear and professional in presenting material. Rachel's examples and demonstration were easy to understand. To our amazement (and that of my dog)! He immediately responded to the growl and praise. He was shocked the first time I growled at him. I am very pleased. Rachel Baum is what we have needed. I wish I had known about these techniques years ago. We were never bored for a minute. I already have recommended Rachel to someone."
-Sally, Albany

February 26 2009
"Her explanations and demonstration of techniques made it very clear and easy to understand. Our dogs were very difficult in the many areas of bad behavior and we understand it may take longer than with most other dogs. Rachel explained why our dogs were showing the behavior which helped us understand how important it is for us to use the training every day to and to be consistent."
-Marilyn, Johnstown

February 26 2009
"Very surprised how well he responded."
-Donna, Delmar

February 26 2009
"It was awesome. I feel like the mystery is gone. I now have a simple technique that really works. Thank you!"
-Lisa, Colonie

February 25 2009
"After Rachel visited, I continued to do the small things that I could that day, and all have shown a desirable outcome. I had many questions that are now answered."
-Samuelle, Rotterdam

February 25 2009
"She helped us understand any questions we had and some we hadn't thought of. We noticed Roxie listening and walking better on the leash by the end. I enjoyed the way that Rachel helped us start training her without violence or yelling. It was very calm and pleasing. This was definitely very interesting and everything was great except the walking weather!! I think Rachel could be a great opportunity for anyone with a loving pet that they want to see all of their good qualities."
-Katelyn, Latham

October 26 2008
"Rachel was excellent demonstrating & explaining the various techniques with us. Opie was already showing improvement before Rachel left. Rachel was excellent with our dog Opie! She was very patient & made it easy to learn the different training techniques! In three days we've already noticed a HUGE difference in Opie's behavior!!"
-Maria & Jeff, Waterford

October 26 2008
"Rachel used a wonderful tone when explaining all of the training techniques. After Rachel left, Dempsey learned to listen to my command. The natural training technique worked fabulously by the end of the 1st day of training. Rachel made the training very enjoyable for my family and my dog. I would recommend Rachel to my friends and neighbors because the therapist made the experience fun for everyone even the dog. Rachel is a very good dog therapist because she had everyone in a great mood and taught my family that we can have an obedient dog we just have to work at the training techniques."
Amy, Troy

October 26 2008
"Trainer was very professional; results have been excellent, both during and following the session."
-Tom & Katie, Clifton Park

October 26 2008
"Very clear & understandable. Rachel listened carefully to us & began to advise us. Bailey was responding to the commands. They use logic and common sense and a clear understanding of dogs. I teach early childhood education & saw many similarities. Rachel made sense! Rachel explained why we should do specific things -- gave us simple steps to take."
-Carol, Charleton

October 26 2008
"Rachel was very thorough in explaining her techniques. We loved it because there was nothing to hurt the puppy. By the end of the training, Arkasia came to us when she was called and stopped when we told her to. It was interesting to see how the puppy reacted to simple commands. I've already recommended it to 5 people who will be in contact with Rachel."
Thletha, Mechanicville

October 26 2008
"Rachel made things make sense and pointed out tendencies of our dog that we never noticed. I have already recommended you!"
-Jason & Lindsay, Queensbury

August 1 2008
"Results were immediate. I feel like my dog now listens to me. Now that Rachel has given me the correct tools to train my dog, I have noticed considerable changes in my dog's behavior that have made both owner and dog much happier!"
-Jenny, Slingerlands

August 1 2008
"Very thorough, enjoyable as well. I like the way it worked with the dog's nature. Rachel was wonderful. I will also let my vet know - it is worthwhile!"
-Ginger, Altamont

August 1 2008
"Rachel Baum did an excellent job. We were so nervous about how Roxy would respond, but somehow Rachel had the magic "touch" (without touching, that is). Just excellent!"
-Randy, Albany

August 1 2008
"We couldn't believe the difference within an hour of Rachel being here. The experience was wonderful. Niko is showing improvements already."
-Maureen, Brunswick

August 1 2008
"Rachel helped me to understand how my dog thinks and learns. I never realized how important this could be in training my pits. I wouldn't want to be corrected in a language I couldn't understand either."
-Heidi, Schenectady

August 1 2008
"Very pleased with results so far with just one lesson."
-Laurie, Ballston Spa

August 1 2008
" "No barking at door" accomplished within minutes. Heel will take time, but noticeably better. Surprisingly simple, though will take practice."
-Ellen, Delmar

August 1 2008
"Very easy to follow. Rachel is very patient. There was a noticeable change in Tanner's behavior once we started using the technique. This training really puts you in control. Tanner responds to the training techniques, and we have had successful encounters with visitors to our home. Thanks for giving us the tools!"
-Mary, Albany

August 1 2008
"I really liked how Rachel was not condescending toward us & helped us through the training rather than telling us what we were doing wrong. Thank you!"
-Jennifer, Ballston Lake

August 1 2008
"Great teacher. Rachel was very professional, patient and positive. I am a disabled cancer patient who has difficulty moving. My one-year-old puppy often frightened me with body slams and nipping. After one session, she behaved my commands. I no longer worry. Thanks a million."
-Deborah, Troy

June 29 2008
"Rachel addressed all of my questions and concerns in ways I understood, and she was very responsive to my needs. I have seen a tremendous difference in Max almost immediately in all areas and have found these techniques to be very successful and effective so far. I appreciated the follow-up call!"
-Christine, Cohoes

June 29 2008
"The session was very understanding and informative. It was amazing the immediate results and they just keep getting better. I loved that there was no yelling, zap collars or shock collars. It was interesting and enjoyable. I have already started recommending to lots of people. We are so happy with our training! What an immediate improvement. Thank you so much!"
-Mackenzie, Clifton Park

June 29 2008
"I have recommended it at least 3 times within the first week of training."
-Jack, Rotterdam

June 29 2008
"We were surprised at how easy it seemed. It was fun and funny to watch a very hyper puppy become so calm in a short amount of time. If others have problems with their pet, it is a good choice to have Rachel Baum come to the rescue. We are glad that this is a lifetime guarantee, just in case problems arise as she grows."
-Michelle, Latham

June 29 2008
"The use of positive reinforcement and no corporal punishment were the main reasons I chose Rachel. The explanation of leadership made a great deal of sense."
-Betty, Scotia

June 29 2008
"Very surprised that immediate changes took place in certain behavior. It was a very good experience. We've already recommended to half a dozen people."
-Amber, Glenville

June 29 2008
"I was quite surprised that such basic non-invasive training techniques worked like magic. It was like flipping a light switch to change the dog's behavior and attitude. I am amazed at how quickly my dog responded to the training techniques. Rachel was a great trainer and I would highly recommend her."
-Tracy, Burnt Hills

June 29 2008
"Rachel explained the training techniques very well. She even demonstrated them several times so we understood. Absolutely pleased that I don't have to use the shock collar anymore!"
-Sabrina, Troy

June 2 2008
"Rachel explained the training techniques in a plain and understanding way. Amazing what voice control can do. I must say, I could have gone on all day and not been interested. I recommend Rachel to all who ask and to those who need to know. I'm very happy that I heard of your company so that I could have a more happy home and dog."
-Virginia, Albany

June 2 2008
"Rachel was excellent. I was having trouble getting words and timing right. My dog responded immediately. I am not consistent yet, but am working on it. Rachel was very professional, explained things in detail and I feel the lifetime guarantee is the best around. The best thing you can do for your pet if you love them, get them trained. I am grateful for the excellent training and advice."
-Donna, Schenectady

June 2 2008
"The explanation and chart were very enlightening. Sammy was a different dog. It was the first time he wasn't in control. He was in shock and we were in control. What a wonderful feeling! The training techniques make so much sense. Very interesting and enjoyable because he responded in a very positive manner. Rachel was so kind. She listened and answered questions in a kindly manner. She didn't make us feel stupid for not being able to train our dog."
-Kathy, Troy

June 2 2008
"We are so happy. Our dog is responding to us much better now and seems much happier as well. Thank you so much."
-Laurie, Clifton Park

June 2 2008
"Rachel was very informative and re-explained things until we got it. Very compassionate to our feelings. Duke was very submissive at the end of the session. It really was unbelievable. We could not believe how simple and common sense it was. It was a little awkward at first but once we got over our feeling of "you want me to do what?" It really gave me a feeling of accomplishment while still knowing I would have to be consistent. This technique works; we had our doubts but it really did work, I really believe Duke will be happier now and I know we will."
-Carolyn, Rotterdam

June 2 2008
"It was really explained well and was easy to follow. We were pleased with the training techniques. It was really interesting to see all of the different training experiences."
-Kelly, Delmar

June 2 2008
"Rachel was extremely easy to follow - her directions were clear and precise. I have already told 2 different people about the program and highly recommend it."
-Jodi, Clifton Park

June 2 2008
"We saw results right away and were very pleased with the trainer. We thought she did an excellent job."
-Melissa, Colonie

June 2 2008
"Rachel is a highly effective trainer. She is highly knowledgeable and clearly explains all training techniques."
-Norma, Delmar

June 2 2008
"The information was presented in a way that was very easy to follow. She also stopped several times to see if we had questions. I was very surprised how much my dogs understood what she wanted them to do. I like that the techniques are easy to follow and that I can do them at home. It was interesting to hear how the dogs interpret what you do. I think there is valuable information that many dog owners don't know."
-Chad, Schenectady

June 2 2008
"Very entertaining! Unbelievable how fast it works (of course, my dog is smart, too!). She spent more time with us that I ever expected and demonstrated several training methods. She made it fun, involved the whole family. Very clear with the kids and adults and what everyones role is. Rachel did an excellent job informing us and showing us the techniques."
-Sallie, Saratoga Springs

June 2 2008
"Very easy to understand and follow the techniques. I didn't think Rosie would catch on to any orders but Rachel has made remarkable results. Very pleased at what I have seen so far. I would recommend Rachel to anyone. Rachel is very good at teaching me on how to correct my mistakes with Rosie."
-Barbara, Mechanicville

June 2 2008
"She explained things very well. My dogs have allergies and are food aggressive, so I am glad we do not use treats. I have already recommended Rachel. I look forward for her to come back and further our learning."
-Stacy, Rensselaer

March 5 2008
"Helped solve all problems and was great to deal with."
-Frank, Troy

March 5 2008
"Rachel was great. Harley is doing great with my husband and also with me with the nipping and licking."
-Hope, Delanson

March 5 2008
"My husband and I were very unsure, but it worked. Our dog was almost completely different within an hour. It was very easy to use in our everyday lives."
-Tara, Mechanicville

March 5 2008
"Thorough, comprehensive, and clear instructions. It was remarkable, actually, the degree to which our dog positively responded to this technique. I appreciate the philosophy and how it works. Our trainer, Rachel Baum, was patient, clear & professional. We have already recommended Rachel to others. Our dog has already positively responded in one short week! We are most pleased!"
-Michele, Malta

January 31 2008
"Rachel did an excellent job. I was very pleased with her. Brody responded to her right away."
-Frances, Troy

January 31 2008
"So pleased, and Rachel called to check on Henry's progress."
-Mary Beth, Guilderland

January 31 2008
"Murdock was more attentive to the commands by the end of the training. Rachel was very friendly and supportive."
-Anthony, Albany

January 31 2008
"We did not need to take notes - the handouts were very helpful and Rachel was very direct and informative. It was amazing. I think our yippy little pet was waiting for this training. She was immediately more relaxed. I'm really glad our vet recommended this service. I have already recommended Rachel."
-Tina, Cohoes

January 11 2008
"Very professional and step-by-step plan was excellent. Suzy responded to the trainer immediately and then to us. It's the only way to go. Very, very interesting and enjoyable. Rachel was excellent, professional, effective, easy to understand and pleasant."
-Regina, Altamont

January 11 2008
"Dogs settled and were actually looking for guidance. Comforting to know that we can and should be in control, not the dogs. Like that no physical means are used/needed. Rachel made us very comfortable and stressed the importance of us being consistent and the leaders."
Lori & Kevin, Troy

January 10 2008
"The techniques are easy to follow and Rachel explained and demonstrated them well. Honey stopped jumping on me and started listening to my commands! I am pleased that treats are not used. I like the fact that I am gaining back respect from Honey and I can show her I'm the leader. The techniques really work. Rachel is very nice, smart, and understanding."
-Tania, Colonie

January 2 2008
"Rachel illustrated and explained the training techniques very clearly. It was easy to recreate the techniques after the training session. Results were so positive, I felt silly even having to ask for training help. Other people who interface with Willow immediately noticed the improvement in her behavior. I couldn't be more pleased. The techniques were simple, straightforward and sensible - and work marvelously. It was great learning the theory behind the training method, and this also helped reinforce the technique. I have spoken highly about Rachel, and given her contact information to others. Thank you so much - Willow and I are more "in tune" than ever. Alleviating her anxiety by teaching her she did not need to be our pack leader has worked wonders."
Dawnmarie, Cohoes

November 26 2007
"She took care of at least 3 annoying behaviors by the end of the training. Buck has been so much improved - his manners are improving every day."
-Patricia, Albany

November 26 2007
"We have just started, but Rachel was incredibly helpful even before my dog purchase."
-Lisa, Albany

November 26 2007
"Rachel was very patient with us and the dogs. I never expected to see such dramatic results so quickly. Thank you!"
Carolyn, Watervliet

November 26 2007
"We have tried many trainers & techniques - it appears that this method may actually solve the problems - we are keeping our fingers, toes & eyes crossed!"
-Lorraine, Ravena

November 16 2007
"Rachel is really gifted in this training and I wouldn't recommend anyone else."
-Richard Youmans, Saratoga Springs

October 11 2007
"Rachel took time to explain and show us how to correct problems. She made it enjoyable and we were able to apply the techniques. She did more in a day then we have in a year. Rachel is very special."
-Mary Lou, Delmar

October 11 2007
"Rachel gave/taught techniques specific for our dog and environment. This helped us the most. We saw a noticeable result even within the first half hour. I would suggest her to anyone! Thank you!"
-Erin, Schenectady

October 11 2007
"Rachel was so nice and calming."
-Roberta, Slingerlands

October 2 2007
"The first visit was very impressive. Very helpful in reversing bad habits. Dog seemed to key in on trainer immediately."
-Nancy, Albany

October 2 2007
"Rachel was very informative and helpful in all aspects of the training. Rachel was very good at what she does! We were much happier with these techniques than others we have heard of before."
-Erin, Colonie

October 2 2007
"I realized immediately where I was making mistakes and needed to think canine! Dog was in car immediately following training and responded to training for motorcycle "aggression." Much quicker response time than feeding method and I love growling! Two hours flew by! I already have recommended Rachel to my doctor. I can't understand why almost 1 year of training and vet bills that no one has ever presented me with these simple methods and behavior techniques. I had a well-respected animal behaviorist tell me "this is your last resort...there is nothing else I can do for your dog" aside from prescribing Zanax and Prozac! In the last 10 months, I have spent almost 10 times the cost of 1 visit by Rachel with very little encouragement or success. Rachel walked in with a "no problem - we can do this" attitude and the results were apparent immediately. I can't wait to see the results after a few months of training! Thanks so much!!"
-Colleen, Albany

September 22 2007
"Her hyperactivity ceased once the burden of being the leader was lifted. She took a nap before our session ended. I didn't believe it was possible until I saw it. My family and I are shocked and amazed by the difference in our dog. I couldn't believe that after 10 minutes with the therapist, my dog was already responding and complying. We are already considering buying gift certificates for family and friends at Christmastime. Before meeting with Rachel, we were considering getting rid of our dog. We didn't know how to handle her terrible behaviors. We've learned "to think like a K9" when responding to these behaviors."
-Katie, Schenectady

September 21 2007
"It amazed me how much respect our dog had for Rachel, trainer, within 30 minutes. The growl technique is very clever and works very well. We laughed a lot while undergoing the training session. There are many dogs who need this training but wouldn't want to insult the owners. Rachel our trainer explained the thought process of a dog and how being the leader was the root of it - I learned a lot. It's been less than 1 week and I can't believe the changes in our dog. Our life is less stressful and we are enjoying our dog so much more."
-Tracy, Guilderland

September 6 2007
"The training was different and interesting in the point of view for the dog. Rachel was very patient while I was learning the training techniques."
-Danielle, Queensbury

September 6 2007
"I must admit that the promise of noticeable results after the first lesson sounded much too good to be true, but Rachel came through as promised. I am absolutely astounded and extraordinarily grateful. I am so thrilled that such a humane method can be so effective. I have already recommended Rachel to others. The results speak for themselves. Thank you!!"
-Meg, Rotterdam

September 6 2007
"Trainer was on time, polite, and had excellent knowledge of dogs. Training was very helpful."
-Jeff, Troy

September 6 2007
"Amazingly noticeable results - she was really great! The dogs stopped barking immediately, and sitting and staying...Woohoo!"
-Tracey, Colonie

September 6 2007
"Rachel made it very easy to follow. I was amazed at the difference. I have recommended Rachel twice already."
-Carrie, Lansingburgh

August 23 2007
"The trainer was on time, polite, and had excellent knowledge of dogs. Training was very helpful."
-Jeff, Delmar

August 21 2007
"Honestly amazing...even on day two, it worked and sit/stay is going well. Looking forward to the total transformation."
-Jill, Guilderland

July 24 2007
"Absolutely incredible! I have already recommended Rachel twice so far. The natural training is so effective that it only took a few days for Nicky to understand and obey."
-Helene, Knox

July 11 2007
"Rachel has a gentle understanding manner. She seems to really know how dogs think."
-Sue, Colonie

July 8 2007
"Rachel was great. She is well suited for dog training. We noticed marked improvement. It was something the entire family was able to comprehend. Rachel kept our attention. I have already recommended Rachel to several people."
-Donna, East Greenbush

July 7 2007
"We saw noticeable results within 24 hours - we are excited to see continued progress."
-Jeff & Heidi, Gloversville

July 7 2007
"When I took him for a walk, my neighbors said what a well-behaved dog, only after 1 lesson, I wanted to say who? My dog?"
-Marie, Menands

July 7 2007
"We were very impressed with your training methods, and are glad you don't use physical means to train dogs. We've had other trainers assess our dog, and were most impressed with Rachel Baum."
-Nancy, Watervliet

July 7 2007
"Adults and teenagers understood and could follow the techniques. The therapist was able to get very good results."
-Karen, Albany

June 7 2007
"The therapist is very patient and calm. I observed noticeable results BEFORE the training was even over! I am very happy that food is not used as a training aid. It was a very positive session! So much better than the crazy sessions with 12 dogs at a time at another facility!"
-Coleen, Albany

May 29 2007
"Rachel was easy to understand - we were able to learn all the techniques easily. The training was comical as well, which made it nice for us. We didn't feel as guilty about messing him up in the first place."
-Deborah, Glens Falls

May 29 2007
"Rachel was exceptionally patient and made sure we understood the procedures before she left. We have a tendency to like to chat about dogs and she was willing to listen. I am so pleased that my vet recommended you."
-Wanda, Rotterdam

May 29 2007
"Rachel was wonderful."
-Tracy, Niskayuna

May 29 2007
"I tried the techniques after the session and Tequila followed right along."
-Stephen, Watervliet

May 29 2007
"Even my 13-year-old followed the lesson and carried through. Fergie snapped back to her well-behaved self when we showed leadership behaviors. Neighbors often comment on how well-behaved Fergie is, as their dogs carry on."
-Debbie, Delmar

May 29 2007
"Rachel was friendly and thorough and professional. It was if Keeley was a new dog. A better dog! At first I was surprised at the technique, but I saw instant results and was very pleased. I truly enjoyed seeing my dog transform before my very eyes. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to anyone who has a dog especially a "bully breed" like Keeley. Keeley has come a long way in a few days. She has great potential. I am much more confident in her behavior now."
-Diane, Delmar

May 29 2007
"It's a miracle! I never thought my dog would be able to be around other dogs, but after 3 days, he responds to the training techniques immediately."
-Carol, Guilderland




"When our latest rescue started to nip people, we decided to give Rachel a try before making him a dog that would have to be in a crate when people visited. Unbelievable--one two hour session later, the transformation was amazing. Rachel is a true dog behaviorist--she understands why dogs do what they do and, most importantly, how to change that behavior."

"Rachel was very patient in explaining techniques. I was amazed to see my 3 year old Lab finally walk with a loose leash. I have wanted to have my dog walk without a prong collar. The voice command Rachel taught me worked. I have already Rachel - my trainer put me at ease when I was anxious about this new experience!"

"It was as if we had a different dog at the end of the session! Rachel was thorough, professional, and personable. Not only was Rachel incredibly organized and thoughtful, she provided a DVD for my children to watch about how to act with dogs. She made us feel comfortable and encouraged!"


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